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Ziegler, Jacob
Ziegler, Jacob
Ziegler, Jacob
Ziegler, Jacob

Ziegler, Jacob

Terrae Sanctae...Scondiae doctissima descriptio

Argentorati (Strasbourg) , Rihelium (Rihel). 1536

Terra Sancta: Laor mapas 866-700 A;

Scondia (Scandia, Scandinavia) : Ginsberg, 2006, map 8; Ehrensvard, 2006, pp 49-51; Burden 1996, Map 9

Small in folio (29x19 cm)

Contemporary embossed pigskin over wooden boards

Two original clasps. Raised bands,

Title in contemporary manuscript on the spine

Contemporary paper library label : Terre Sancte descriotio quam palestinam nominant auctore Jacobo Zieglero C 83

148 leaves; 14 non numbered leaves;

8 double page woodcut maps;

2 nn leaves.

Waterstain upper quarter of the book throughout, mostly light. Title page upper blank 2 cm added. Overall a fine atlas in its original, nearly 500 year old constitution and binding.

Middle East; Terra Sancta; Arabia lvs 1-74

First printed atlas of Terra Sancta, Palestine (1532). Fine maps of the Middle East (A II) ; Palestina (A IIII); Samarium; Judea; Palestina (BIIII); Aegypta ; Crossing of the Red Sea and (C II) maps

Schondia. Plinius: Scandia, Scandinavia lvs 85-103

The oldest surviving map of Scandinavia seems to be the manuscript copy of 1427 of the map by the Danish mathematician Claudius Clavus. The earliest printed maps derive from the manuscript map of the region as designed Donnus Germanus around 1470. A new and better design was drawn and printed in 1532 by Jacob Ziegler. Ziegler, a German scientist, worked in Rome between 1521 and 1525, living in that famous St Brigitta hospital, a base for Nordic pilgrims (Ehrensvard) where he received new information from Scandinavian priests. He also worked there with Johannes Magnus and Peder Manson. His map embraces the Northern Atlantic, Greenland and New Foundland, and shows Scandinavia in a very appropriate way.


Ginsburg, W: Printed maps of Scandinavia and the Arctic. Septentrionalium Press. 2006

Laor, E. Maps of the Holy Land, New York, Liss 1986

Sigurdson, Haraldur, Landmarks in Icelandic Cartography in Arctic, Vol 37, December 1985

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