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Lilius, Zacharias


1. Orbis breviarum

2. No title: including Contra Antipodes

3. Gloria gaudiis beatorum

In small quarto (18,5x13,5 cm). All three, recased in XVII century, plain vellum.

Part one: Orbis breviarum

Venice, de Gregoriis, circa 1500

(Hain 10100; Goff L 220)

In quarto; 98 nn lvs

24 woodcut historiated inititals

One OT and one zonal worldmap (A 6 in verso)

His orbis breviarum remained for a long time a popular manual of Geography and Cosmology (Norderskiold). Earlier editions in Florence (1493) and Naples (1496)

Part two: no title

Florence, Bonaccorsi. ...

Lilius, Zacharias
€ 8000
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