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Leopoldus de Austria

Compilatio de astrorum scientia

Augsburg, Ratholt 1489

Hain-Copinger 10042, Houseau 4702, Zinner 364, Stilwell 71

In small cuarto, 109 lvs as follows

A;B;C;D;E;F;G;H;I;K;L;M;N in 8; O in six missing last blank

A1: Letter title

A2: Full page woodcut: Armillary sphere

A2: verso: dedication by the printer Rathold

A3: incipit

Text in 6 chapters, richly illustrated with old colored woodcuts

O5: Colophon, Compilatio Leopoldi Ducatis Filii....Januarii 1489 currente

35 half page woodcut of constellations; 54 half page illustrations of zodiac images. Two astronomical diagrams, printed in red and black (B1 recto and B8 verso) and colored initials ...

Leopoldus de Austria
Leopoldus de Austria
Leopoldus de Austria
€ 32000
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