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Forster, G.

Forster, G.

Charte von der Südlichen Halbkugel

No place, but Berlin, no date but 1778. Copper plate engraving 39x45 cm, B/W as issued. (Clancey, 1995; G. Forster)

An exact copy of the map of the Chart of the Southern hemisphere, published in Forster's English edition of a Voyage around the World. Our copy from the slightly later German translation lacks the surrounding texts, found in the English version of the map. George Forster, son of Johann Reinhold Forster, who participated in Cook's second voyage (1772-1775) to find the famous South Land. The your Forster was a brilliant writer and botanist. His book: J.R. Forster A Voyage Around The World (London 1777) was translated in German and published under the title Johann Reinhold Forster's Reise um die Welt, by Haude & Spener in Berlin in 1778. The young Forster drew 301 botanical and 271 zoological drawings during the voyage.

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