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Langenes, Barent


Three maps and full description in Dutch

from Caert Tresoor,

Middelburg, the Netherlands, 1598

Tibbetts 1978, map 54

B/W as issued, 9x12,3 cm

The first map exclusively dedicated to Arabia is in the Ptolemy edition, in Rome of 1478. This is the Sexta Asiae tabula. The first modern depiction of Arabia is in Waldseemullers Carta Marina of 1516 of which one copy only is known to exist. Further modern features are shown in Sebastian Münsters Geographia of 1540. The first printed modern map is Arabia Felix Nova Tabula by Gastaldi in 1548. That map was copied and enlarged by Ruscelli in 1561. The next innovations in the mapping of Arabia has its sources in the Portuguese, maritime cartography, based the exploration of the Asian waters and ...

Langenes, Barent
€ 800
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Sagarra, Louis

Fernando Poo

Nuevo Mapa de Fernando Poo por los PP. Misioneros - Barcelona, 1901. Contemporary coloured lithograph with inset of Santa Isabel. 92x60 cm

Large and very detailed missionary map of the island of Fernando Poo, in the Gulf of Guinea (westcoast of Africa).

Sagarra, Louis
€ 1200
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