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Sanuto, Marino
Sanuto, Marino
Sanuto, Marino

Sanuto, Marino

No title but: Mappa Mundi

Mappa Mundi in Bogars, J.

Gesta Dei per Francos

In second part: Liber Secretorum Fidelium Crucis

Hannover, Wechsel, 1611

Shirley 276; Norderskiold Fig 28

Copperplate engraving, diameter 34x35 cm.

Oriented to the top

Mappa mundi, possibly by Pietro Vesconte, circa 1320 and reproduced in print by Johannn Bongars in 1611. His book was a manual for true crusaders

Medieval circular worldmap, the land mass surrounded by oceans, Jerusalem at the centre. Notable are the rhumb lines, crossing the earth from 16 points at the horizon.

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