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Acosta, Manuel

Historia rerum a Societate Iesu in Oriente...

De Japonicis rebus epistolarum, Libri IIII... - Recentium de rebus Indicis... ad annum 1570. Paris, Michael Sonnium, 1572 (Streit IV, nr 956 ; Cordier, Japan, col. 59 ; Bunko 66 ; Sommervogel V, col. 294). In octavo - contemporary blindstamped pigskin over wooden boards - original clasps - plates soiled. Mint condition.

Part I : Acostas Historia das Missions da Oriente ... translated in Latin by Maffei. Part II (from lf 46 onwards) : the 40 most important Jesuit letters from Japan (between 1548 and 1564). Includes the first Jesuit letter from Japan ever (Paulo Japao, 3/12/1548) in Latin. Part III (from folio 200 onwards) : update with Jesuit letters from the Indies from 1568, 1569 and 1580. Second edition (first, Dillingen 1571) of the first history of the Jesuits involvement in Asia. The third part, the Rebus ...

Acosta, Manuel
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Maffei, Giovanni Pietro

Ignatii Loiolae vita

Libri III

Rome. Tornieri. 1587

In octavo.

8 nn lvs; 165 pp; 1 nn lvs

Contemporary limp vellum, title page with printed device (SJ)

Small ownership stamp on title page: Sylvestri Fransisschini

Early edition (first 1585) of Maffeis life of Ignatius of Loyola. The text consists of three books: his life; the creation of the Jesuit order and the rules of the order.

Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuit order was born in Azpeitia, Basque country, Spain in 1491 and died in Rome in 1556. Giovanni Maffei (S.J.). was later to write the earliest history of the missionary work of the Jesuits in Asia (1589). As author of the "Vita" he had been ...

Maffei, Giovanni Pietro
Maffei, Giovanni Pietro
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Archdekin, Richard S.J.

Praecipuae Controversiae

Lovanii, Masius 1671 (Sweeney 192 ; Sweeney 199).

In octavo, contemporary vellum (17,5x10,5 cm). 6 nn lvs; 510 pp; 4 nn lvs (index & privilegios), that is : pp 89-336 : resolutiones theologicae (own title page 1671) ;

pp 337-411 : apparatus ad doctrinam sacram (with index in big letters) ;

pp 412-510 : praxis concionandis ;

plus extra : 8 lvs (pp 61-76) : De Constancia Hiberniae in Religione Romana

Different manuscript owners entries and stamps at the title page. Excellent copy.

Sweeney mentions this book (nr 192) but does not give its full collation. He gives the book an "XR" on the rarity index, that is : "extremely rare, only known by a handful of copies". Our ...

Archdekin, Richard S.J.
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Torre, Francisco de la

El peregrino atlante...S. Francisco Xavier

Lisboa. 1674

Ascona: 697; Cordier, Japonica, column Palau; Sommervogel or 145

Small in quarto, contemporary stiff vellum

Text in two columns.

Full page, engraved portrait

S. Xavier attacked by Japanese men, and saved miraculously by God

Title page surrounded by an engraved band

3 nn leaves; 276 pp

On a few leaves: ink spots and childrens notes in the margin. Light marginal waterstain about 30 leaves. Else fine .

Jose Maria Ascona in his bibliography of San Xavier (Pamplona 1952) mentions this edition as the first, giving a second in Madrid in 1731. Cordier also gives this edition as the first. In a note to ...

Torre, Francisco de la
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Ferreira, Manuel

Noticias summarias das Perseguisoes

Da Missam de Cochinchina.. pelos Padres

Da Companhia de JESU

Lisboa, Manescal. 1700

Pinto de Matos, p. 260; Streit, VI. No 1460; Maggs, Biblioteca Asiatica part V, 1929 pp 29/30; Lach Asia III, p. 1267.

In folio

6 nn leaves; 458 pp; 1 nn leaf

Contemporary free end papers

Contemporary calf, spine, restored

Raised bands & (later) gilt.

Kept in a protective slipcase

A few leaves browned. Else in fine, original condition.

E livro raro e estimado (Pinto de Matos). Palau mentions only one booklet by Manuel Ferreira: breve compendio succesos de la ...

Ferreira, Manuel
Ferreira, Manuel
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Tiefentaller, Joseph de (S.J.)

Carte generale du cours du Gange et du Gagra


Paris, Du Perron. 1784

(Gole, 1983: 102 2.1; Sommervogel, Vol VIII, column 21 & 22; Edney p 133) 59x75 cm, black & white as issued, copper plate engraving. Slight, overall browning. Else fine

A rare and fundamental map in the history of cartography of India.

Tieffenthaller (born 1710) was a Jesuit who worked and travelled India (1742-1785). He used his knowledge of the higher Ganges area to draw this map, which was published in Paris in 1784 and used by Rennell for his pioneering work on the cartography of that country. Notably but not surprisingly for a Jesuit he used and ...

Tiefentaller, Joseph de (S.J.)
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