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Chaves, Jerome de


Sevilla, Alonso escribano. 1576

(Palau 67454; Picacosta 201; Map, see Burden, nr 15)

In quarto, recased in modern limp vellum

274 lvs of which the first 10 are not numbered. Historiated initials.

Title with portrait of the author

2 full page woodcuts (Geocentric universe 112, recto and the medical Zodiac man 236 verso)

19 half page woodcuts of Zodiac signs

2 terrestrial hemispheres, West and East, the West ( 95 in verso) being an early map of the Americas (Burden 15); the east 91 verso

43 woodcuts representing various stages of the moon

Many numerical tables

Modern binding in style and new ...

Chaves, Jerome de
Chaves, Jerome de
€ 6000
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Roiz, Pedro

Libro de Relojes solares...

Valencia, Perdo de Huiete. 1575

(Salva 3811; Palau 275689)

Full calf of the XVIII century

In quarto: 4 nn lvs; 120 pp; 2 nn lvs

Woodcut on title page; woodcut illustrations throughout the text.

One of the earliest books on Gnomonia in Spanish. Rare.

Rare book hub: only two copies offered for sale since 1920.

Not in Picatoste.


Picatoste, Felie....Apuntes para una biblioteca científica Española del

siglo XVI. Madrtiod, Olleros 1999

Roiz, Pedro
Roiz, Pedro
€ 4800
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Reisch, G.

Margarita Philosophica Nova & Appendix

Strasbourg, Grüninger, May 31, 1512

(Smith, Rara arithmetica p 82 and Maggs, Science Catalogue, 1929, both the 1504 Strasbourg edition)

In quarto. In contemporary blindstamped pigskin over wooden boards.

Titel in manuscript on spine

Text rubricated in red all through

2 engraved title pages

7 full page engraved chapter title pages (trivium and quadrivium)

One folding, woodcut map of the world, watermark bulls head

One folding table (music)

Abundant woodcut text engravings

Most initials and all woodcuts in straight, contemporary colour.

We have not found any other copy of this book in original colour, so it is ...

Reisch, G.
Reisch, G.
Reisch, G.
Reisch, G.
€ 42000
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Reisch, G.

Margarita Philosophica

Freiburg, Schott, 1503

Sabin 69122, best description; Graesse VI pp 73; Brunet 3441; Stillwell II 219. In Smith, Rara arithmetica p. 82 the 1504 Gruninger Strasbourg edition Sanz, Ultimas adiciones, 1960 pp 283/284; Map: Shirley Map 22 (1)

In quarto, 18 or 19th century stiff vellum

301 of 302 nn leaves, lacking the last blank, as follows:

8 nn preliminary leaves

One in 6; 2-4 in 8; a-q in 8 with the exception of r (in 6);

A & B in 8; c in 4; D-K in 8; L&M in 6;

aa-dd in 8; ee in 4; ff in 6 minus 1 blank

Includes woodcut title page, Margarita Philosophica, and full page printers mark at the end: IS, Johann Schott, and 15 full page woodcuts ...

Reisch, G.
Reisch, G.
Reisch, G.
€ 28000
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