XIX Century

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von Humboldt A.

Essai politique...de la Nouvelle Espagne

Atlas geographique et physique du Royaume

de la nouvelle Espagne

Paris, Schoel, 1811 plus

Paris, Schoel, 1811

Oroztext y Berra: 350-374; Wheat 273;74;75y76

El atlas en papel blanco sin mancha alguna. Los tomos de texto en bien estado.

Texto: 2 tomos en gran cuarto 34,5x28,5 cm. Stiff boards and linen.

Titulo; 4 hojas; 92 pp , Introduction Geographique

4 hojas; 350 pp; 3 hojas Essay politique, 3 libros

2 hojas; 904 pp 1 hoja

Atlas en gran folio (57x43 cm).

Contemporary stiff boards and paper

8 hojas sin numerar: ...

von Humboldt A.
von Humboldt A.
von Humboldt A.
von Humboldt A.
€ 28000
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Kotzebue, Otto von

Entdeckungsreise..Sudsee; Behring Strasse,

Nord Ostliche Durchfahrt, 1815-1818

Weimar, Hoffmann 1821

(Sabin 38284; Streeter 3511; Lada Mokarski 80)

Three parts in one volume

In quarto (28x23 cm), uncut; barbed paper

Original editors binding of paper over boards

Title on paper label on the spine

23 nn lvs; 168 pp; 176 pp; 240pp, 3 nn lvs XVIII pp (subscribers list)

16 copper plate engravings of which 15 in contemporary color

4 double page aquatints in sepia

6 folding maps

2 tables


1-21:         Introduction by ...

Kotzebue, Otto von
Kotzebue, Otto von
Kotzebue, Otto von
€ 4200
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Various authors

Colonization..Santo Thomas e Guatemala

Par la Compagnie Belge

In octavo, half calf. Title lables on spine

One bookplate: Verum atque decens

And in MS: Lee Hartwell, 1855


One double page world map

5 black and white lithos

4 maps:     Central America and Santo Thomas district and

Border between Nicaragua and Costa Rica and a map of the `    Caribbean

Pp 5-64: Compagnie Belge: renseignement

Pp 1-170: Exploration de lAmerique Centrale

Pp1-70: Opinion des voyageurs

Pp 1-64: Opinion de la Presse Française

Various authors
Various authors
€ 300
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