XVIII Century

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Atkinson, J.

Atkinson, J.

Epitome of the Art of Navigation

London, Mount & Page 1753. (Maggs, Biblioteca nautica IV, 2294; Scheepvaartmuseum 677). In octavo, contemporary calf. Front plate loosening. 228 pp. 10 folding plates.

Classical handbook on navigation, as used in the English speaking world. (first edition, 1686)

€ 420
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Sanchez de Feria y Morales, Bartholome

Sanchez de Feria y Morales, Bartholome

Compendio de la vida....San Francisco Solano

Madrid, Escrivano, 1762. (Palau 925376).

En quarto, cuero del XIX. 12 hojas; 244 pp. Bookplate: Ruben J. Dussaut; Luis Bardon. Reencuadernado en el siglo XIX. Mancha marginal entre las paginas 100 y 150.

Ejemplar limpio en excellente estado.

Libo muy raro sobjre la vida del Santo del Peru, San Francisco Solano. El catalogo del patrimonio bibliografico de España solo demuestra dos ejemplares. Ultimas 20 paginas constituyen una carta sobre la ciudad de Montilla (Cordoba, 1753).

€ 2800
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Vargas y Ponce, J. de

Vargas y Ponce, J. de

Relacion del ultimo viaje...Magellanes.. & Apendice

Madrid, viuda de Ibarrra, 1788 & idem 1793. (Palau 352514 y -515; Sabin 16765 & 1729; Hill 1756)

In quarto; contemporary Spanish red morocco, modestly gilt embossed. Title on spine.

3 leaves; 16 pp: 359 pp; 2 lvs; 128 pp.

Portrait (Magellanus). Five folded maps and five folded tables.

Complete. Mint internal condition, including all the maps.

This book closes the Spanish chapter in the Strait of Magellan which began with Magellan himself (1519) and included the famous Nodal brothers voyage (1616).

"This voyage was made to ascertain the advisability of Spaniards continuing to use the passage of the Strait in voyages to the Pacific. After these expeditions the Spanish trade routes were exclusively to east ports and then overland to Pacific ports" (Hill, 1756)

"Tiene estimo en comercio" (Palau)

€ 3400
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van der Aa, P.
van der Aa, P.
van der Aa, P.

van der Aa, P.

Zee en Lantreizen der Portugeezen, Spanjaarden, Engelsen en allerhande Natieen

Den Haag, Leiden. 1706-07 (1727, title page)

(Muller, 1872, nr 1889; Catalogus Scheepvaart museum, part I, pag 107; Tiele, Ned bibliografie, 1884, nr 6; Maggs, 1929:II,37; For America related voyages see European Americana 707/1)

Large paper copy (39x24 cm): the leaves are broadsheets with vertical chainlines. Eight volumes. Contemporary full calf. Spine restored. Unsophisticated, complete example. The structure of the collection is one pair of volumes for the Portuguese; one pair for the Spanish; one pair for the English voyages plus one pair for the other European countries. The 8 volumes have one, shared title page in black and red;; a dedication plate, and a table of contents. Each voyage thereafter has its own, engraved title page and a detailed register.

8 Volumes in contemporary full calf

One general title page in black and red

4 letter title pages (the Portuguese voyages, The Spanish etc)

Eight engraved frontispieces

Eight letter title pages in black and red

137 ...

€ 48000
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Schouten, W.C.

Schouten, W.C.

Diarium vel descriptio....Australi

Amsterdam, L. Vlasbloem 1662. (Sabin 77961; Tiele memoires Schouten z, pp 52).

In small quarto, later vellum binding. 4 nn leaves, 6 folding maps & plates, 1 folding map added in manuscript on old paper

72 pages, last page blank. Complete according to tabellae.

This is the third reprint by Dirk Vlasbloem of Schoutens journal in Latin (first & second, both 1648). All of these Vlasbloem editions are extremely rare. Tiele and the index of this book gives 6 plates for this Vlasbloem edition which would thus be complete. In our copy the map of the Southsea is added in manuscript.

Sabin states that "The map of the South Sea is evidently not included in the plate numbers on page 71 and is probably lacking in some copies. There is no doubt however of its belonging to the book". Both le Maire and Schouten, who split up during the voyage, claimed the discovery. Both wrote their own journal. Schouten was the first to publish his version of the circumnavigation (this book, 1618) while le Maire, who died on the way back home after having been imprisoned in Batavia for breaching the VOC monopoly on sailing through the Street of Magelaans had his story first published in 1622 (see our copy of the Herrera, 1622).

Sabin states that Schoutens journal was quite certainly not written by Schouten but ...

€ 6000
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Weber, Friedrich Christian

Weber, Friedrich Christian

Das veranderte Russland

Frankfurt, Foster. 1721

(Catalogue des Russica, W 239; Bagrow p 108)

Four books, six texts, in one volume.

In quarto. Contemporary vellum.

Title in brown ink on spine

1 folding plan (St Petersburg)

7 (2 folding) plates

452 lvs as follows:

Portrait (Tsar Peter)

Title page, printed in red& black

6 nn lvs (introduction); folding map (Moll: Grande Russie, after Perry);

Text: 490 pp Veranderte Russland , includes Lorenz Langes: voyage to Beijing ; Muller, J B: ...

€ 4500
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