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Isolario di Benedetto Bordone..

Isolario di Benedetto Bordone..                

de tutte lIsole del mondo...

Venice, Aristotele (=Zoppino) , 1534

(Shirley 59; Ginsberg, Scandinavia, map 7; Burden, map 8: Suarez, Shedding the veil, pp 66/67; Harrisse Vetustissima no. 187

In folio, XIX quarter vellum

10 nn leaves; 74 folios

Title in engraved scrolls printed in red and black

Second edition of this important atlas, published in June 1534.The atlas includes the first edition of the oldest known report on Pizarros conquest of Peru and his victory over the Incas on March 15, 1533.

The modern ...

€ 24000
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Kaerius, P

Kaerius, P

La Germanie Inferieure

A Petro Montano

Amsterdam. 1622

(Koeman Kee3; van der Heijden, 1998 map 82 etc; van der Heijden 1990 map 4.2: the Lion)

In Folio 41x28,5 cm, 25 double page maps in contemporary colour.

Binding restored saving the original spine & lettering

Printed title page

Engraved title page in contemporary colour

2 nn leaves Petrus Montanus texts

Lvs 1-6; pp. 7-19; 19=double folio; lvs 20 and 21; 22-26 pp; lvs 26 and 27; lvs 32-38; pp 37 (sic)-41; lvs 41-45; pp 45-49; lvs 49 and 50; pp 50-55; lvs 55 and 56; pp57-61; leaves 61-67; pp 67-70; leaves 70- 78; pp 78-81; leaves 81-91; 2 nn leaves.

In total 4 nn lvs; A-Z in 2; Aa-Nn in 2; ...

€ 60000
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Herrera, Antonio de
Herrera, Antonio de

Herrera, Antonio de

Hulsius Levinus, part XVIII

Achtzehenter Theil der Newen Welt...    

(Herreras atlas and description of the Americas)

Franckfurt am Mayn,

Weissen, in Verleging die Hulsischen. 1623

(Church 310; JCB I 573)

Small in quarto. Remboitage in old vellum over boards

4 nn leaves, including engraved title page;

256 pages

14 (folding) maps

First and complete translation in German of Antonio de Herreras Descripcion de las Indias, 1601, the second atlas ever to be dedicated to the Americas. This essential atlas accompanied his magnificent Historia de los Hechos de los Castellanos en las Indias Occidentales, ...

€ 8000
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von Humboldt A.
von Humboldt A.
von Humboldt A.
von Humboldt A.

von Humboldt A.

Essai la Nouvelle Espagne

Atlas geographique et physique du Royaume

de la nouvelle Espagne

Paris, Schoel, 1811 plus

Paris, Schoel, 1811

Oroztext y Berra: 350-374; Wheat 273;74;75y76

El atlas en papel blanco sin mancha alguna. Los tomos de texto en bien estado.

Texto: 2 tomos en gran cuarto 34,5x28,5 cm. Stiff boards and linen.

Titulo; 4 hojas; 92 pp , Introduction Geographique

4 hojas; 350 pp; 3 hojas Essay politique, 3 libros

2 hojas; 904 pp 1 hoja

Atlas en gran folio (57x43 cm).

Contemporary stiff boards and paper

8 hojas sin numerar: ...

€ 28000
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Paz Soldan, Mariano Felipe

Paz Soldan, Mariano Felipe

Atlas geografico del Peru

Paris, Libreria del Fermin Didot. 1865

(not in Phillips but compare Phillips atlases 2769; not in Sabin but compare Sabin 59326)

Gran folio: (paper 51x41 cm); contemporary boards. Title on spine

45 (folding) maps; 27 plates & photolithographic images on 67 numbered sheets plus 6 extra numbered sheets. Includes general map of Peru and the large folding view of Arequipa.

Condition: Excellent.

This atlas is to be considered a proofprint, preceding the two first editions, printed before the government subsidy was given and the first edition was printed : one in Spanish, the other in French.

The proof edition is characterised by a rustic manner of binding, one ...

€ 15000
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