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Reisch, G.
Reisch, G.
Reisch, G.
Reisch, G.

Reisch, G.

Margarita Philosophica Nova & Appendix

Strasbourg, Grüninger, May 31, 1512

(Smith, Rara arithmetica p 82 and Maggs, Science Catalogue, 1929, both the 1504 Strasbourg edition)

In quarto. In its original binding, contemporary limp vellum.

Titel in manuscript on spine

Text rubricated in red all through

2 engraved title pages

7 full page engraved chapter title pages (trivium and quadrivium)

One folding, woodcut map of the world, watermark bulls head

One folding table (music)

Abundant woodcut text engravings

Most initials and all woodcuts in straight, contemporary colour.

We have not found any other copy of this book in original colour, so it is extremely ...

€ 50000
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De insulis nuper inventis Fernandi Cortesii

Cologne, for Birckman, August 23, 1532

(Harrisse 168; Church 63; Medina BHA: 86; Palau 63192)

In folio, XIX full black calf (30x20 cm)

Spine comparted. Title printed in gilt.

4 nn lvs, including engraved title page

30 nn lvs (carta de relacion 2)

33 nn lvs (carta de relacion 3)

1 nn leaf (Martin de Valencia, carta de Yucatan)

4 nn lvs (Two letters one by bishop Zumarraga, one by Herborn)

Numerous, often historiated, woodcut initials. This copy is fully rubricated in red by a contemporary hand.

Condition: lacks the 8 nn lvs , the text of Peter Martyrs De insulis. Minor smear and marginal ...

€ 15000
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Herberstein, S. von
Herberstein, S. von
Herberstein, S. von

Herberstein, S. von

Comentari della Moscovia ... et Russia

Venice, Nicolo de Bascarini for Pedrezzano, 1550

Bagrow, 1975, p 89; Henze. 1983;

Small in quarto (20,3x14,2 cm)

XIXZ century full calf, spine restored using parts of the original binding

Edges gilt

Title page with woodcut coat of arms

4 nn lvs; 90 numbered leaves; 8 nn lvs including 6 woodcut plates; one folding, woodcut map

Condition: rebound, washed and cut in the XIX century. Very clean copy. Map reinforced at the folds.

First edition in Italian of Herbersteins groundbreaking description of Moscovia. The Latin edition preceded this one with one year.

Siegmund, ...

€ 10000
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Huttich, J. and Grynaeus, S.

Huttich, J. and Grynaeus, S.

Novus orbis regionum ad insularum...omnium catalogus

Basel, Hervagium. 1555

(Alden/Landis 555/42; Sabin 34104; Brunet IV, 132)

In folio (38x23 cm.).

Rebound in XVIII century full calf, raised band on the spine, engraved and gilt title.

In a box.

26 nn lvs including title page adorned with a copper plate engraving

678 pp (last blank)

Woodcut initials to each story.

A few woodcut illustrations in the text.

Excellent condition.

Latin edition of 23 books (texts) on the earliest voyages of discovery including Cadamosta (Cape Verde 1455; 1456); Columbus (1492; 1493) ; Pinzon; Vespuccis four voyages; Marco Polo; Michow (Poland); ...

€ 38000
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Fernandez, Diego

Fernandez, Diego

Primera y Segunda Parte de la Historia del Peru

Sevilla, Hernando Diaz. 1571

(Sabin 24132; Medina, BHA 214; Palau, F. Pp 197; Rene Moreno 1341; Maggs, 1935 nr 271/ Quaritch, 1990. Nr 29)

En folio, pleno cuero del siglo XVIII, dos partes en un solo tomo

Texto a dos columnas. Iniciales en xilografia

Varias ilustraciones en el texto en xilografia

4 hojas incluyendo frontis grabado (Escudo Real)

142 Folios (primera parte)

(son en realidad 138 hojas ya que la foliacion salta de 130 a 135)

130 Folios (incluyendo segundo frontis grabado (Escudo Real)

Condicion: Ultimas 30 folios de la segunda parte con pequeno corridor de guzano, afectando algunas letras (15x4 mm). En general: buen ejemplar, impreso sobre buen ...

€ 8000
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Gonzalez de Mendoza

Gonzalez de Mendoza

Dell historia della Chinas

Roma, Martinelli, 1586. (Cordier I, p 10; cfr Lust 23; Boxer South China in the sixteenth century). In quarto (27,5x16,5cm), (8) 380 (16) pp. Washed copy, rebound in contemporary vellum. First and last leaves with small restorations, affecting a few letters. Clean, wide margined copy.

First edition in Italian of this instant bestseller. There were three editions in Italian in 1586, one by Bartolome Grassi; one by Vicentio Pellagallo and this one by Giovanni Martinelli. " ces editions ne sont que des exemplaires du meme tirage avec des noms differents; ce qui le prouve c'est que la p 378 est dans tous cifres par erreur 578" (Cordier, I, p 10). Curiously, Lust calls the copy he has seen "in octavo" and gives a much smaller size: 18x10,5 cm). Mendoza (1545-1618) was an Augustinian monk at the court of Rome. Pope Gregory XIII ...

€ 7200
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Gonzalez de Mendoza

Gonzalez de Mendoza

Nova et succincta..historia...Regno China

Frankfurt am Main, Henning. 1589

(Cordier, 14/15; Lust 27; VD 16 G 2658)

In octavo. Book rebound in old vellum. Slight waterstain first half of the book. Small hole in title page restored. Else fine.

First edition in Latin of this instant bestseller. Mendoza was an Augustinian monk at the Rome court. Pope Gregory XIII ordered him to collect all that was known at the time about China... His work became the standard authority at the time.

It appears as one of the first general histories/descriptions of China in Cordier who mentions like 20 editions in Spanish (First, 1585), Italian; French, German and English before this 1589 Latin first edition. " The first, serious survey of China, it ran some 33 editions in ...

€ 8000
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