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Reisch, G.

Margarita Philosophica Nova & Appendix

Strasbourg, Grüninger, May 31, 1512

(Smith, Rara arithmetica p 82 and Maggs, Science Catalogue, 1929, both the 1504 Strasbourg edition)

In quarto. In its original binding, contemporary limp vellum.

Titel in manuscript on spine

Text rubricated in red all through

2 engraved title pages

7 full page engraved chapter title pages (trivium and quadrivium)

One folding, woodcut map of the world, watermark bulls head

One folding table (music)

Abundant woodcut text engravings

Most initials and all woodcuts in straight, contemporary colour.

We have not found any other copy of this book in original colour, so it is extremely ...

Reisch, G.
Reisch, G.
Reisch, G.
Reisch, G.
€ 50000
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Passionarium Toletanum

Printed on vellum ( ES: vitela)

Alcalá de Henares, Brocar 1516

(Abad 2001 nr 1189 47; Norton 43; Palau 214433)

Large fragment, 53 (of 72) leaves. Title page in modern manuscript.

a=0/6; b=6; c=2/6; d=6; e=6; f=6; g=6; h=6; i= 4/6; k=6; l=5/6 m=0/6

Total 53 of 72 leaves. Three large woodcut initials (7x7cm); 2 small woodcuts (4x4 cm); over 100 Lombard initials in red and Cadels in black

Passio domini segundum Mattheum        7/14 folios

Passio segundum Marcum            13/15 folios

{Passio segundum ...

€ 8400
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Varthema, Ludovici di

Itinerario de Ludovico de Varthema Bolognese...

ne la Arabia deserta & felice....

Venice, Zorzi di Rusconi, December 20, 1518

(Brunet 20002; Richard Carnac, Argonaut Press, 1928)

In octavo;

92 ff. Engraved title page

18th century vellum over boards.

Title in manuscript on the spine


Title page repaired, else fine.


Varthema is one of the best known and earliest documented traveller to the Near and Far East, comparable to Marco Polo. He started by travelling through Egypt to Aleppo (February 13); Damascus (February 25) ; Medina (May 11); Mecca (May22) and Jeddah (June 14) of 1503. He ...

Varthema, Ludovici di
Varthema, Ludovici di
€ 8500
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Le Ver, Girard

= de Veer, Gerard                

Vraye description de trois voyages....

au Nord par derriere Norwege, Moscovie et Tartarie

vers les Royaumes de China & Catay...

Amsterdam, Nicolas. 1598

(Tiele 96)

In folio, contemporary limp vellum

44 lvs including illustrated title page;

31 maps (6) and other plates (25)

A few marginally restored leaves not affecting text or plates,

Rebound in its contemporary binding with other but contemporary free leaves. Else fine.

First edition in French, contemporary to the first editions in Dutch and Latin. The central person was Willem ...

Le Ver, Girard
Le Ver, Girard
Le Ver, Girard
€ 25000
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