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Reisch, G.

Margarita Philosophica Nova & Appendix

Strasbourg, Grüninger, May 31, 1512

(Smith, Rara arithmetica p 82 and Maggs, Science Catalogue, 1929, both the 1504 Strasbourg edition)

In quarto. In its original binding, contemporary limp vellum.

Titel in manuscript on spine

Text rubricated in red all through

2 engraved title pages

7 full page engraved chapter title pages (trivium and quadrivium)

One folding, woodcut map of the world, watermark bulls head

One folding table (music)

Abundant woodcut text engravings

Most initials and all woodcuts in straight, contemporary colour.

We have not found any other copy of this book in original colour, so it is extremely ...

Reisch, G.
Reisch, G.
Reisch, G.
Reisch, G.
€ 50000
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Huttich, J. and Grynaeus, S.

Novus orbis regionum ad insularum...omnium catalogus

Basel, Hervagium. 1555

(Alden/Landis 555/42; Sabin 34104; Brunet IV, 132)

In folio (38x23 cm.).

Rebound in XVIII century full calf, raised band on the spine, engraved and gilt title.

In a box.

26 nn lvs including title page adorned with a copper plate engraving

678 pp (last blank)

Woodcut initials to each story.

A few woodcut illustrations in the text.

Excellent condition.

Latin edition of 23 books (texts) on the earliest voyages of discovery including Cadamosta (Cape Verde 1455; 1456); Columbus (1492; 1493) ; Pinzon; Vespuccis four voyages; Marco Polo; Michow (Poland); Peter ...

Huttich, J. and Grynaeus, S.
€ 38000
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Lodewijckszoon, Willem

Premier livre de l Histoire de la Navigation

aux Indes Orientales par les Hollandois

Amsterdam, Corneille Nicolas. 1598

(Tiele Memoires no 113; Tiele Bibliographie 511)

In folio; contemporary limp vellum

53 (of 54) leaves

49 (of 50) maps and plates

Condition: missing leaf, G 2, in printed facsimile on contemporary paper. The missing plate is the Market of Bantam, probably designed for this Claeszoon edition and printed later as it is unnumbered (unlike the other leaves), carries no text whereas all other leaves with a plate do have text. Pieter Tiele, the first bibliographer of these journals of Dutch voyages, had never seen a copy of the book were the plate WAS included so it is fair to say that ...

Lodewijckszoon, Willem
Lodewijckszoon, Willem
Lodewijckszoon, Willem
€ 15000
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