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Linschoten, Jan Huygen van

Linschoten, Jan Huygen van

Itinerario, voyage ofte Schipvaert van Jan Juygen van Linschoten naer Oost ofte Portugaels Indien, 1579-1592

's Gravenhagen, Martinus Nijhoff 1955

3 Vols in octavo. Original cloth

XCVI,163; XV,(1),183; XVI,190 pp

36 plates and 6 full size and loosely inserted at the end of Vol. III

Linschoten ( 1572-1613) sailed as a young man to the Indies as an employee of the Fugger house. There he became assistant to the Archbishop of Goa and all India, Vincentius de Fonseca. In Goa he was in an excellent position to interview mainly Portuguese sailors who on their way back from the Far East and the Spice Islands to Lisboa had to report in Goa first. On his way back to Holland he stayed for two years in Angra on the Azores where he was again in a position to debrief travellers to the Americas. Once back in Holland in 1592, he wrote a handbook for the Indies, based on the exclusive Portuguese experiences of the day, and the books that had been published so far. He was assisted by the local medical doctor and scientist Paludanus, who added scientific inserts on plants & animals.

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IJzerman J.W.

IJzerman J.W.

De reis om de wereld van Olivier van Noordt

s Gravenhagen, Martinus Nijhoff. 1926

Published by Martinus Nijhoff, s Gravenhage (1926)

2 Vols, quarter cloth

12 nn lvs; 266 ppages; 40 plates; 2 folding, two lithographed maps

4 nn leaves 1 photograph, 2 nn lvs; 300 pp; one lithographed map

The first Dutch circumnavigation (1598-1601) under Olivier van Noordt. Van Noordts passage through Magellans Strait was the first successful one by the Dutch. His voyage was intended to harass the Spaniards where their defences were weak: the Pacific. Spain considered the Pacific a Spanish lake, albeit a big lake. However, the cities along the South American west coast were badly defended. Van Noordt was successful in attacking at the Philippines. In that battle the Spanish lost their flagship, the galleon San Diego, the wreck of which was found in 1992 and yielded a treasure in porcelain and gold pieces Van Noordts circumnavigation, the first Dutch circumnavigation and the fourth overall after Magellan, Drake and Cavendish proved to be a best seller. His neighbour in Rotterdam, the printer van Waesbergen, obtained the right and published a summary of van Noordts journal within a month upon his return (1601). The only surviving copy is in the Lenox collection (now NYPL). The full journal was published by Waesbergen, ...

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