XVII Century

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Spilbergen, J van
Spilbergen, J van
Spilbergen, J van

Spilbergen, J van

Speculum Orientalis

Speculum orientalis, occidentalisque Indiae

navigationum, altera:

Jacobus le Maire

Navigationes Australes

Leiden, N. Geelkercken, 1619.

(Sabin: 89450; Tiele, Journaux, 66 C)

In quarto, oblong. In a fine blue morocco XX century binding

Spine in 4 compartments, with gild title and date

174 pp , including genuine blank, P4.

Plates go without numbering.

Engraved title page

25 plates including two double page plates and two folding maps

Condition: Slight overall browning. Worldmap with restorations on the old fold, last 5 leaves restored with a few letters in ...

€ 22000
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Lapi, Michelangelo

Lapi, Michelangelo

Vita del servo di Dio D. Torivio

Rome, N. Tinassi.


In 4to.

(4) 315 (2) pp.

Contemporary limp vellum.

Title page with coat of arms of Pope Alexander VII and portrait by G. Valet.

€ 2400
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Schouten, W.C.

Schouten, W.C.

Diarium vel descriptio....Australi

Amsterdam, L. Vlasbloem 1662. (Sabin 77961; Tiele memoires Schouten z, pp 52).

In small quarto, later vellum binding. 4 nn leaves, 6 folding maps & plates, 1 folding map added in manuscript on old paper

72 pages, last page blank. Complete according to tabellae.

This is the third reprint by Dirk Vlasbloem of Schoutens journal in Latin (first & second, both 1648). All of these Vlasbloem editions are extremely rare. Tiele and the index of this book gives 6 plates for this ...

€ 6000
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Spilbergen, J van
Spilbergen, J van
Spilbergen, J van

Spilbergen, J van

Journael van de Voyagie...

Admiraal Joris van Spilbergen


Amsterdam, Saeghman circa 1663    

(Tiele, Journaux No. 72)

In quarto. XIX century quarter calf

32 lvs, A-H in 4

Title page with copper plate engraving,

In verso: full page portrait of Spilbergen in woodcut frame

8 text plates: one copperplate engraving, taken from Hartgens edition and 7 original woodcuts. Including the DODO

Text in two columns

Condition: fine

Spilbergens was the fifth circumnavigation ever after Magellan; Drake; Cavendish and van Noordt. The voyage took place between 1614 and 1618. Spilbergen was an ...

€ 5500
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Lobo, Jerome

Lobo, Jerome

A short relation of the River Nile

London, Martin 1673. (cfr. Gray 2657). In octavo, contemporary calf, restored. 56 lvs. Complete.

Father Lobo (S.J.), 1593-1678, a Portuguese Jesuit went to Ethiopia in 1634 and stayed there all his life. His Historia do Ethiopie, Coimbra 1659 was famous and translated in French (la Haye, 1728). There is another translation, made from a manuscript, not the original printed version, published in Amsterdam in 1728 also in 1728 as "Voyage historique d'Abysinnie. The text was also included in Thevenots Recueil de Voyages. Gay mentions two UK translations of the book, one in 1735 (Brunet 20812), another in 1789. Obviously the text remained ...

€ 2200
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Montalvo, F.A. de

Montalvo, F.A. de

El Sol del Nueuo Mundo....Toribio

Rome, Angel Bernavo.


(Palau 177319/ Sabin 50071/Streit II 2183).


(9) 540 (14) pp. Engraved title page + 2 engravings (3?)

"Sehr geschätzte Biographie die heute zu den ...

€ 4200
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