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Archdekin, Richard S.J.

Archdekin, Richard S.J.

Praecipuae Controversiae

Lovanii, Masius 1671 (Sweeney 192 ; Sweeney 199).

In octavo, contemporary vellum (17,5x10,5 cm). 6 nn lvs; 510 pp; 4 nn lvs (index & privilegios), that is : pp 89-336 : resolutiones theologicae (own title page 1671) ;

pp 337-411 : apparatus ad doctrinam sacram (with index in big letters) ;

pp 412-510 : praxis concionandis ;

plus extra : 8 lvs (pp 61-76) : De Constancia Hiberniae in Religione Romana

Different manuscript owners entries and stamps at the title page. Excellent copy.

Sweeney mentions this book (nr 192) but does not give its full collation. He gives the book an "XR" on the rarity index, that is : "extremely rare, only known by a handful of copies". Our copy to be the complete edition of Sweeney 192.

There is however the highly interesting text "De constancia Hiberniae in religione Romana..." This additional text seems to be taken from another printing in Louvain by the same printer, as the pages carry a different signature and are numbered from 61 onwards. Moreover, it constitutes a complete text on 1200 years of Christian oppression in Ireland,including privileges and censor authorisation. Indeed, Sweeney mentions this text as an annex to another book, printed in Louvain in 1671: Vitae et Miraculorum Santi Patricii Hiberniae (Sweeney 199).

The Kilkenny born Archdekin was a long term Jesuit professor of philosophy and theology at Louvain and Antwerp (Sweeney)

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