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Valentijn, Francois
Valentijn, Francois
Valentijn, Francois
Valentijn, Francois
Valentijn, Francois

Valentijn, Francois

Oud en Nieuw Oost Indieen ...

Dordrecht, Johannes van Braam

Amsterdam, Gerard onder den Linden


Tiele #1121; Landwehr VOC #467; Cordier, Indosinica: 927-930; idem, Japonica 426-428; Maggs, Cat. 452, 1924, itm 475. On Tasman and Australia: Schilder, 1975: 152; Tiele, Bibliographie, 1884 #1079; and on maps: Suarez, 1999: 232-236; Parry, 2005.

16 parts in 8 books in 5 vols.

Folio (33,5x21,5cm), contemporary vellum over boards, blind stamped; spine raised bands

Titel in contemporary manuscript on the spines.

265 (folding) maps & plates

Complete but for one print, the second leaf of Vol IV: the portrait of Mr de Haan, governor just after the date of publishing the book, that is from 1725 onwards. Therefore it is missing in other copies as well.

Full size, as published. Light foxing to the text in places, overall fine example in its original, unrestored condition.

A profound study of SE Asia in the early XVIII century, based on extensive personal experience (16 years) and broad study of written sources, undeniably with a strong, Dutch focus. Valentyn was minister at Amboina during two longer periods of time and travelled extensively in SE Asia. He spent ten years in the Netherlands to organise his data and write his book.

Valentyns book is a classic. "One of the most important works on the East, especially so for its account of the Navigations of the Dutch in the East Indies" according to Maggs in 1924. Its strongest part is the description of Amboina, the Moluccas, the Dutch East Indies. It also contains the first publication (Schilder, 1975) of Tasmans Ship-journal in a summary of his 10 months voyage in 1642-1643. During that voyage Tasman discovered New Zealand and explored Australias van Diemensland (Tasmania) and SW coast, including 41 maps, coastal profiles and plates. It has important essays on Java; Borneo, Celebes and also on other Dutch strongholds at the time including Formosa (Taiwan); Japan; Malacca; Bengal, Coromandel & Malabar; Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and Persia (Iran).

The maps, generally made after existing ones, simple and strong, are made by Braam. A comprehensive mapping of SE Asia is found in the work of Francois Valentyn... (Suarez, 1999). Important ones show Australia and New Zealand after Tasman: 6 maps; 24 coastal profiles; 11 prints; SE Asia; a wall map of Java (seven maps united); and folding maps of Sumatra & Malaysia, South Africa, Japan and Formosa.

All the prints and maps on Tasmans voyages, including the overview map are important. Valentijns account for the first time gave a complete and accurate account with maps and drawings of Tasmans first voyage. Actually the text summarises the copy of Tasmans journal of which only one folio sheet has survived and which contains notes in Valentyns handwriting (Schilder, 1975:152). It (the Tasman map) also demonstrated that the continent of Australia had been circumnavigated by Tasman, a fact ignored by map makers for a further 12 years or more (Parry, 2005)

The city plans, views and other prints show the important places of the day including Batavia; Malacca; Ternate; Macao; Surratte and others. Special mention should also be made of the natural history plates of animals, plants and shells at Amboina, as those made by Georg Rumphius and published in his Herbarium Amboinense.

The book is not easily found complete as it has been cut up in parts and maps and plates have been cut out and sold separately.

Vol I : Part one: Description of Dutch East India holdings all over Asia; Part two: Description of the Moluccas. 20 nn lvs; 318 pp; 2 nn lvs; 428 pp 14 nn lvs (=index). Engraved frontispiece; Folding portrait; 5 folding maps plus 3 views; 12 text illustrations. 2 Folding tables. Condition: slight foxing upper margin, part I; In part II some foxing pp 339-365

Vol II: Part one: Description of Amboina; Part two: Other matters, concerning Amboina. 2 nn lvs; 351pp; 5 nn lvs; 282 pp; 48 pp

Maps: 5; plan: 1; views: 9 and plates: 5; Text illustrations: 5; Tables: 4

Condition: overall fine

Vol III: Part one: Amboina: ecclesiastical history; description of trees, birds & fish; Part two: Amboina: shells; Description of Banda; Timor; Celebes; Borneo; Bali; The Tasman text summary pp 47-58 plus maps and plates Part three: Description of Tonkin; Cambodia and Siam.

4 nn lvs; 586 pp; 259 pp; 96 pp 10 nn lvs. Plates: 97; maps: 9; plans: 2; views: 12. Text illustrations: 10. Tables: 3. Condition: Some foxing to the text. Maps and plates clean. Pp 465/472 misbound.

Vol IV: Part one: Description of Java; Part two: Description of Suratte

Part three: Description of China & Formosa. 2 nn lvs; 492 pp; 1 nn leave; 312 pp; 166 pp; 13 nn lvs. Maps & plates: 49 plus 20 plus 3. Many text illustrations. Condition: good

Vol V: Part one: Description Choromandel; Malacca; Part two: Description of Sumatra; Part three: Description of Ceylon; Part four: description of Malabar (& Goa) ; Part five: Description of Japan; Part six: Description of Cape Good Hope. 2 nn lvs: 360 pp; 46 pp; 462pp; 48 pp; 166 pp; 160 pp; 18 nn lvs

Maps 7 plates: 24 plus 10 plus 9. Some marginal foxing here and there.

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