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Zehenter Teil der Orientalischen Indien

Frankfurt, Beckers. 1613

Church 242; Muller 1878; Howego I, p873/74; Tiele

Two parts in one

In folio, later stiff vellum

Part one, text: A;B;C;D; and E in four that is 20 leaves of which the last leaf an authentic blank

Part two: a in four including a text title page with two woodcut adornments, thereafter 3 double page folding maps, not numbered

Binding seems to be a remboitage; slight overall browning all through. Tiny burning hole upper margin of B 2 typical of the ash from a cigar of the reader. Maps and prints in excellent condition

The plates and maps are:

Engraved title page, 1613

(1) Wardhus

(2) Kilduyn and

(3) Der Samojeden Götter....

(1) Tabula nautica... ad Hudsono, anno 1612

(2) Vera delineatio tractus ex Hollandia...

(3) Tabula Septentrionalis Russiae...Isaac Massa descripta est

The text is:

Henry Hudson, der neuen Schiffahrt uber die Amerische Inseln in Chinam und Japponiam, the new route to sail to China and Japan north of the American islands. Pp 10 & 11. Hudsons fourth voyage North. In june 1611 he is put on a longboat by his crew in the Bay, named after him and is left there to die.

Jan Huygen van Linschoten: short description of the islands to the North pp 12 & 13. Witness to his participation in the two (of three) voyages to find the NE passage by the Dutch in 1594 and 1595.

Fernandez de Quiroz, ...Discurs an Ihn Konigliche Majestat in Spanien wegen des funfsten Theils der Welt, Terra Australis incognita... Memorandum to the King of Spain on the firth part of the world, terra Australis.. pp 14-21. One of Quirozs over 70- different memoranda, written between 1607 and 1614 (Howego) on his discoveries in the South Sea and referring to Terra Australis, the one translated here, was first published in Sevilla in 1610

Isaac Massa: Description of Siberia pp 21-37

This book is the German shortened version of Beschrijvinghe vander Samoyeden Landt....a collection of Dutch arctic voyages NE and NW as published by Hessel Gerrits in Amsterdam in 1612. Both the text and the maps are rare and of great importance.

The maps are:

The Tabula nautica, is considered the original map as made by Hudson on his last (1610-11) voyage NW that apparently fell into the hands of Hessel Gerrits, the East India Company map maker based in Amsterdam. His map of 1612 is bigger (c 25x54 cm) than ours of 1613 (15x33 cm) but further identical.

The second map the Vera delineation ex Hollandiae...ad fluvium Obys belongs to the short description by Jan Huygen van Linschoten

The same is true for the second map, the Tabula Septentrionalis Russiae, one of the first maps of the Russian north coast, made by Russian cartographers and copied by Isaac Massa, and published by Hessel Gerrits in the same booklet. Again the sizes are different, 17,5x46 cm versus 14x33 cm but the details identical.


Muller, F zn , The arctic North East and North West Passage. Amsterdam, Frederik Muller, 1878

Hayes, Derek Historical atlas of the Arctic, 2003

Ginsburg, William, Printed maps of Scandinavia and the Arctic, 1482-1601, New York, Septentrionalium Press 2006

1) Taken from : Linschoten Jan Huygen van, Voyagie ofte Schipvaert...van by Noorden om...tot voorby de revier Oby. Franeker, Gerard Ketel 1611

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