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van der Aa, P.
van der Aa, P.
van der Aa, P.
van der Aa, P.

van der Aa, P.

Zee en Lantreizen der Portugeezen, Spanjaarden, Engelsen en allerhande Natieen



Den Haag, Leiden. 1706-07 (1727, title page)

(Muller, 1872, nr 1889; Catalogus Scheepvaart museum, part I, pag 107; Tiele, Ned bibliografie, 1884, nr 6; Maggs, 1929:II,37; For America related voyages see European Americana 707/1)


Large paper copy (39x24 cm): the leaves are broadsheets with vertical chainlines. Eight volumes. Contemporary full calf. Spine restored. Unsophisticated, complete example. The structure of the collection is one pair of volumes for the Portuguese; one pair for the Spanish; one pair for the English voyages plus one pair for the other European countries. The 8 volumes have one, shared title page in black and red;; a dedication plate, and a table of contents. Each voyage thereafter has its own, engraved title page and a detailed register.


8 Volumes in contemporary full calf

One general title page in black and red

4 letter title pages (the Portuguese voyages, The Spanish etc)

Eight engraved frontispieces

Eight letter title pages in black and red

137 voyages with 136 title pages with engraving (complete)

116 engraved maps, usually two maps on a folding leaf

7 engraved plates and 502 text engravings


Provenance: Library of the Monastery of the Augustinians in Eindhoven


While the folio edition is arranged according to nations, the octavo edition (28 volumes, 1707) is arranged in the chronological order of the voyages. The title page attributes this work partly to J Gottfriedt (New Welt, 1655). But as that work does not even contain a fourth of the 8 folio volumes it must be assumed that Godfriedts work has only given the impulse to this collection.(Muller, 1872, nr 1891)

...Scheepstochten der Portugeezen na Oost Indien


These are the two folio volumes, dedicated to the voyages of the Portuguese. The text is essentially a translation of Da Asia by de Barros, and is richly illustrated. The first voyage described is Nicolo de Conti (1419 and among others Bartolomeo Dias; Vasco da Gama; Francisco de Albuquerque; Almeida and ends with the 10 years voyages of de Cuna (1528-138).


Book I: 238 folios; 26 voyages in one volume; 15 title pages; 8 folding, half page high, maps and 52 text engravings

Book II: 248 folios: 31 voyages between 1518 and 1538, all in one volume; 6 title pages; 20 folding, half page high maps; 26 text engravings


...Voyagieen der Spanjaarden naar West-Indien, 2 Vols


These two folio volumes are dedicated to the voyages by the Spaniards to the Americas. It is essentially a translation of Antonio de Herreras Historia de los hechos de los Castellanos (Madrid 1601-1615) adding maps and images. The books start with the voyages of Columbus (1492), the so-called minor voyages, the discovery and conquest of Central America and Mexico (Cortes) ending with Cortes missions sent out from Mexico to the Spice Islands (1534). It includes Magellans circumnavigation (1519-1522)


Book III: 13 voyages; 7 folding maps; 59 text engravings

Book IV: 9 voyages; 15 maps; 40 text engravings


...Voyagieen der Engelsen, 2 Vols


The overall 53 voyages start with Jenkisons NE voyage (Russia) in 1558 and Frobishers NW passage voyages of 1576, 57 and 58, Drakes circumnavigation (1577 etc.) and Candish (Cavendish) circumnavigation; John Smith in Virginia, Walter Raleigh in Guinea; William Adams and later John Saris in Japan. Volume II ends with Jonathan Dickensons trip from Jamaica to Pennsylvania in 1696.


Book V: 29 voyages; 24 (folding) maps; 81 text engravings

Book VI: 24 voyages; 11 (folding) maps; 37 text engravings


...Voyagieen ..allerhande vreemde Natieen, 2 Vols


Vols VII and VIII are a mixture of Spanish and Portuguese voyages not included in the former books like Pizarro in Peru; De Soto in Florida and de Lobo in Guinee. There are also some other voyages, such as by the Belgian priest Rusbroeck to China (1285) and the German von Staden to the la Plata river; the Frenchmen Levy to Brazil and the Italian Verazzano to Florida and North America. In addition there are also voyages to Iceland and Greenland and there is one Dutch voyages first publication: that of de Roy to Borneo (1691)


Book VII: 15 voyages; 13 folding maps; 141 text engravings

Book VIII: 16 voyages; 14 folding maps and 71 text engravings


My great-great grandfather Frederik Muller had various editions and described them well. According to Muller (1872: 228 etc) 380 copies of the folio edition were printed, the folio edition first , the octavo edition immediately thereafter from the broken up boards with type. The second folio edition was made up from the unsold copies of the first edition, adding a general title for the whole work (as in our copy). Most of the voyages in our copy have thus been printed in 1706 and are dated as such. Some are not dated but mention "with privilege". There is indeed no reason to believe that any of the voyages in our copy have been printed later than the original folio edition. Only a general title page has been added.


The large paper copy was always more expensive than the folio edition: 100 instead of 80 Florins when printed; 45 instead of 25 Guilders in Mullers catalogue of 1872.


The folio edition of van der Aa is very much sought after and rare. As a large paper copy it is much rarer. No complete copy in folio has been sold in auction in the Anglosaxon world in the last 30 years. Maggs had the octavo edition in 1929 at 52 Pounds. There is now, 2018, one other large paper copy on the internet.


Bibliography: Muller, Frederik: Catalogue of books, maps and plates on America. Amsterdam 1872


€ 50000


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